Where: Summersville, WV.
Photos from Gauley Fest 2005
We'll be there! I always open my trips up to
whomever wants to tag along, lead, or
otherwise participate. I know that on Sat.
I've promised to take some first timers
down the Lower. Sunday, I'm hoping to
have a strong group on the Upper, but we
can always do the Lower again. There's a
chance that my 21 year old daughter will
come "party" with her old man and bring a
raft full of coeds. :) I'll take them down the
Lower with me on Sat. if they show. I will be
camping at the Festival site in the back in
the trees. I'm going to do it a little different
this year than I have in the past. The
Frogmore, if any, will have to be done by
someone else. There's just not enough
time to do the river, get back, cook, and
see everything I want to see. I'll have my
river kitchen/camp site set up and all are
welcome to use it, come hang out, cook
there, eat there, and lie there. :) Steve
Revier is captaining Big Muddy one of the
days. We'll meet each day at the parking
lot at the top of the Upper putin. On Sat.
we'll meet at 9:00. On Sunday we'll meet at
New River
Rendezvous 2006
Our Photo
Gauley Fest 2006
Date: September 21, 22, 23